Web Werks Data Centers, FatPipe Partners to Deliver Advanced SD-WAN Capable Data Centers

Web Werks Data Centers has partnered with FatPipe to offer businesses a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. As part of this collaboration, Web Werks has deployed FatPipe’s solutions across all of its sites to offer SD-WAN enabled services to enterprises to simplify WAN architecture.

The combination provides excellent flexibility for Web Werks customers in terms of connection choices. It offers customers centralized control of edge devices, easy scalability and deployment at a lower TCO (total cost of ownership). By leveraging FatPipe’s advanced SD-WAN capabilities, Web Werks would enable its customers to achieve an end-to-end network that optimizes connectivity between branch offices and the cloud.

The rapid adoption of multi-cloud and SaaS applications is a result of businesses meeting the demands of a modern workforce. Web Werks VMX is a robust cloud platform that can be used to implement a private cloud in the data center while supporting intelligent software to seamlessly integrate public cloud application platforms. SD-WAN services aim to continually improve platform functionality with traffic identification and optimization of connections to our customers’ most critical applications and services, increased network security and better centralized management. Web Werks is a cloud provider incorporated by MeitY and provides services to businesses and governments.

“By choosing the most advanced solution available from the inventors of SD-WAN, Web Werks data centers can leverage FatPipe’s unique patented technologies to deliver the highest levels of global network performance. They can also provide customers with the highest WAN security and reliability,” said Nikhil Rathi, Executive Director and CEO of Web Werks. These will be of great benefit to customers using real-time applications.

“We will realize new efficiencies in the marketplace,” said Sanch Datta, President and CTO of FatPipe Networks. “FatPipe finds synergy in connecting Web Werks and its customers with its SD-WAN solutions, enabling Web Werks to offer advanced data center services. To provide an end-to-end SD-WAN solution to enterprise customers, Fatpipe announced the general availability of integrated 4G/5G solutions, to enable partners to deploy a single appliance solution for retail stores that contains a landline and an independent 4G or 5G backup path.The product can be configured to minimize the flow of data through the LTE path, using Fatpipe the famous “Sat Booster” technology designed for satellite traffic. The solution facilitates the integration of customers and their agencies, reducing the complexity of the network” , she added.

Ramon J. Espinoza