The World Cloud Show presented an analysis of the cloud and data centers

Monday The Indian edition of the World Cloud Show catalyzed the development of the Indian government’s program vision cloud, highlighting several initiatives for the development of cloud computing and data centers in India, as well as the economic contribution that organizations supporting cloud computing are making to the country. Government officials, tech titans and a stellar lineup of more than 25 esteemed speakers from top international organizations were on hand at this event to provide their insightful commentary.

The main themes of the conference were adapting to the new normal and managing the next cloud and data center transformation. He presented differing perspectives from a diverse industry by exchanging ideas, addressing important learnings, and highlighting recent advancements from the corporate, government, and professional sectors.

Some of the best speakers who took center stage included:

  • Suresh Sankaranarayanan; Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Kotak General Insurance
  • Nikunj Jain; CIO and Head of Digital, P&G India
  • Ekhlaque Bari; Jubilant Food Works CIO
  • Dr Avadhut Parab; Chief Information Officer, Parle Agro
  • Surav Das; Director of Digital and Information, Essel Mining – Aditya Birla Group
  • david viral; Chief Technology Officer, NCDEX
  • Ananth Kumar; Engineering Manager, Site24x7
  • Vinod Kumar; EVP & Chief Information Officer, Fino Payments Bank
  • Ninad Raje; Director and Chief Information Officer, Health Assure
  • Amajit Gupta; CEO, Lightstorm
  • Vamsi Krishna Ithamraju; Chief Technology Officer, Axis Mutual fund
  • Abhishek Sukhwal; Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • Rajgopal Nayak; Chief Technology Officer, Metro Brands
  • Ashish Sharma; Strategy Manager Special Projects, Web Werks
  • Roberto Frongia; Director Strategy & Operations Technology and Digital Compute & Innovation NEOM UAE
  • Suresh Chandrasekaran; Executive Vice President, Denodo
  • Manish Kishore; Global CIO Wockhardt ltd
  • Nasreen Khan; Head – Cloud and Cloud Security, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

One of the main topics discussed at the event was the different cloud models and services that allow companies to implement the cloud in different ways and invest in technology effectively. Speakers on this panel included Suresh Sankaranarayanan, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Kotak General Insurance; Nikunj JainCIO and Head of Digital, P&G India; Prasanna C. Product & Marketing Manager, Lightstorm; and Manish Kishore, Global CIO, Wockhardt Ltd.

During this roundtable, panelists discussed the best cloud migration approaches for businesses in various industries. The panel also discussed at length the value proposition of Kubernetes in the modern workplace and edge computing.

Another notable panel discussion during the event focused on the topic “Data Centers Reinvented: AI, ML, Edge and Virtualization”. The panel examined cutting-edge data center technology and how organizations can use it to maximize the value of their data. Speakers on the panel included Dr Avadhut ParadDSI and Parle Agro; Surav DasCIDO, Aditya Birla Group. David viral, CTO, NCDEX; Vinod Kumar, EVP & CIO, Fino Payments Bank.

The panel talked about the rapid expansion of ML and AI in the Indian market. Panelists provided an overview of the various tools used to operate data centers, while shedding light on the role of the edge in sustainability initiatives.

Large enterprises have diverse business functions, converging technologies have given enterprises scalability while dramatically reducing time to market,” cited Surav Das, CIDO, Aditya Birla Group as he shared his thoughts on convergent technologies at the World Cloud Show in Trescon – India.

The light storm Amajit Gupta gave a comprehensive presentation on the topic of feeding the inevitable network. He underlined how important it is for a network to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing environment in which we live. For organizations to succeed, modern networks and the speed at which information is sent to them are essential.“Every business owner wants to be at the forefront of a digital revolution”, said Mr. Amajit Gupta, CEO of Lightstorm, while discussing new technology developments at Trescon’s World Cloud Show. He added, “It’s a logical progression given that companies can now sell everywhere thanks to cloud technologies. Instead of increasing their physical footprint, companies will focus on growing their digital footprint.

Ananth Kumar, Engineering Leader, Site24x7, gave another very impactful presentation to the audience on choosing a monitoring system and various factors to consider. He highlighted the distinctions between on-premises and SaaS solutions with a focus on cost, time, skills, and business requirements.

Basil DhangeCISO of Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd., shared his top tips for migrating to the cloud and quoted, “It’s critical to identify on-premise pain points before migrating to the cloud, it’s also very important to understand your data and then embark on your cloud journey.”

“We need to move from an intelligent approach to a more holistic and cognitive approach. We seek innovation from all corners of the world. The Indian market is highly valued by NEOM and we intend to use it to advance our efforts to accelerate human progress.,Roberto FrongiaDirector Strategy & Operations Technology and Digital Compute & Innovation NEOM UAE.

Presentation of Web Werks hybrid cloud platform, which adapts to business expansion, was Ashish KumarProject Strategy Manager at Web Werks. Topics discussed by Mr. Ashish Sharma included data factory, contemporary data management technologies and integration, and augmented or automated data management. An in-depth presentation that answered all the concerns and questions of several decision-makers.

The 18th global edition of the World Cloud Show is officially sponsored by:

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