The evolution of DCIM 3.0

We live in a world where data centers know no borders. This modern distributed environment, dominated by the cloud, advanced computing architectures and the demand for constant connectivity, has created new challenges for IT managers. The need to maintain 100% uptime, protect against cyberattacks, and deliver on promises to deliver more sustainable operations is forcing business and technology leaders to think about their digital infrastructure differently. In order to make informed decisions about their digital infrastructure, today’s IT managers need more visibility into performance, efficiency, availability and their infrastructure than ever before. Can DCIM software be up to the task?

Unfortunately, older data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software was not created to meet these modern challenges. To deliver the resiliency, security, and durability that customers demand, leaders must evolve the way they monitor, manage, plan, and model their physical infrastructure. They should deploy modern DCIM software to measure and manage data center assets.

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  • How you can act now (ride the wave rather than get caught up)

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Ramon J. Espinoza