SAP Information Steward strengthens SA Power Networks data management

By leveraging data management solutions from SAP such as SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services, Australian utility SA Power Networks has been able to strengthen its data management to support better communications with customers.

Recently, SAP was named a leader in Gartrner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions on the basis of its ‘ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’. SAP’s data management services, part of the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), enable companies to manage data in order to gain valuable information and establish efficient business processes. Specifically, data quality solutions from SAP help companies discover, understand and manage complex data, as well as help users to proactively manage data throughout the organization, ensuring reliable information for a better decision making.

One customer in particular who understands the value of data quality in today’s digital economy is SA Power Networks, an electricity supplier to local households and businesses across South Australia through its network of poles and wires. Since the catastrophic power outage that hit the state in 2016, the electricity distributor has realized the need to strengthen data management and delivery to promote better communication with its customers.

With the help of SAP Information Steward software, the organization was able to perform data cleansing to authenticate phone numbers and addresses, as well as scorecards for data quality to ensure consistency and reliability. customer data. And for fast recovery and analysis, all customer data is kept in an agile and comprehensive data mart.

SA Power Networks uses SAP Information Steward and SAP Data Services

Additionally, SAP Data Services software has helped integrate multiple sources of structured and unstructured customer data that have developed over time across the enterprise. The solution also linked the SAP ERP application with third-party or custom software on a single data management platform. Janice Espinosa, Employee Hub Project Manager for Customer Data at SA Power Networks, said:

“This project has helped us to comprehensively catalog information about our customers, their properties and their electricity supply. With SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward, we’ve reduced problem response times. And we’ve seen customer satisfaction levels increase as a result.

To facilitate employee access to the data repository, the SA Power Networks team has also integrated the dashboard into the current SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite. This has allowed teams to have streamlined access to all the internal information and services they need, whether it’s improving one-on-one interactions with customers or securing asset investments.

Meanwhile, Travis Smith, SAP Domain Architect at SA Power Networks, revealed during this year’s SAUG Summit Online Lecture Series that the company has broadened the scope of the data management project to integrate solutions. additional SAP S / 4HANA for utilities, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud portfolios to modernize its invoicing and CRM systems. Smith noted that metadata within the network’s billing system allowed them to seamlessly integrate and optimize cash-counting processes, further improving operational visibility.

Additionally, SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward have prepared the organization to seek out new methods to deliver value in the management and distribution of electricity. SA Power Networks has already taken steps to promote sustainability by allowing more customers to connect rooftop solar systems to the corporate grid. Last year SA Power Networks Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Project won the Best Use of Technology category at the Digital Utility Awards 2020, making it the second major award for the world’s first initiative.

Ramon J. Espinoza