Panduit provides sustainable data center solutions for Latin America

Panduit explains how to improve metrics and costs in Colombian data centers.

Becoming sustainable is one of the priorities of global companies. Under the United Nations 2030 Agenda, companies tend to adopt smart and sustainable solutions that contribute to digital transformation while preserving and caring for the environment.

This increase in Digital Transformation implies a need for data transmission and processing supported by data centers, the main challenge of which is the reduction and efficiency of energy consumption.

Fábio Henrique, Panduit Regional Director for Central and South America and the Caribbean, said: “With the COVID-19 pandemic, the acceleration of digital transformation has been of great importance for the development of companies. and increased the need for durable solutions. Colombia is one of the fastest growing countries in this area and Panduit is helping to reduce the energy consumption of its customers.

In Colombia, about 49% of companies use technology in their sustainability plans, according to SAP’s Latin American leadership sustainability program.

In this sense, Panduit confirms that one of the greatest challenges in reducing energy consumption in data centers lies in the management and optimization of cooling systems, since they represent approximately 50% of the consumption of total energy and are essential for the proper functioning of data centers. of any size.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), data centers consume around 200 terawatts per hour, which represents 1% of global electricity demand, generating around 0.3% of the carbon footprint.

However, there are alternatives to overcome this challenge. According to Panduit, passive cooling technologies in data centers can help reduce electricity consumption by up to 40%, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

In 2020, requests for information on technologies to support sustainability have ceased due to the crises generated by the pandemic. After that, with some issues resolved and the ensuing economic recovery, around 40% of organizations sought to implement model sustainability technologies to help complete digital transformation projects without neglecting the environmental aspect. and the reduction of energy resources.

Implementing solutions that address climate change will be of vital importance to the technology industry as data center deployments continue to increase. According to Panduit, a 23% growth in colocation data centers is expected in the region by the end of 2022.

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Ramon J. Espinoza