Khazna Data Centers to start construction of two new data centers in Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Khazna Data Centers, the largest hyperscale data center network in the Middle East and North Africa region, inaugurated two data centers in Dubai, providing existing businesses with increased opportunities innovation and improved connectivity.

In addition to its existing presence in the United Arab Emirates, the two facilities currently under development – ​​which will be known as DXB2 and DXB3, are located in Dubai Design District and Ibn Battuta respectively. The DXB3 facility will be an extension of an existing facility transferred to Khazna following the strategic partnership between G42 and e&.

With a combined capacity of 43MW of IT load, the two data centers aim to address the need for future-ready digital infrastructure and enrich businesses’ digital resilience and digital transformation journeys.

With a focus on establishing world-class data centers, Khazna designs, develops and operates turnkey data facilities that meet the highest international standards. Khazna is also committed to operating sustainable and energy efficient data centers by implementing tactics to bring data centers to zero waste standards and certifications. DXB2 and DXB3 are designed to meet durability requirements. Both facilities are equipped with energy-efficient power systems, adiabatic free-cooling chilled water systems and both data centers will be constructed and certified LEED Gold for Green Buildings.

Hassan Al Naqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, said: “The functioning of our digital economy is highly dependent on data today, with data centers becoming an increasingly vital part of business success in the digital age. A data center can be built anywhere with power and connectivity, but proximity is a key consideration.

There is no doubt that the UAE has seen an increase in data generation and hence has become a destination market for data centers. The establishment of DXB2 and DXB3 and the continued investment of Khazna’s data centers in the United Arab Emirates demonstrates our critical role in supporting the digital economy and the digital future of the country.”

Khazna has been at the heart of digital transformation over the past decade, contributing to the UAE’s project to progress towards an international technology hub and strengthening its efforts to create a digital economy. The inauguration of the DXB2 and DXB3 facilities is a step forward in Khazna’s substantial expansion plan in the United Arab Emirates.

DXB2 and DXB3, two Tier III certified data centers, will begin operations in Q3 2023 and Q1 2024, respectively. Khazna Data Centers is committed to delivering integrated solutions that unlock a world of possibilities, connecting customers to better business models and new business opportunities through the globally connected digital ecosystem. Khazna operates a number of hyperscale data centers across the UAE with plans to expand its network globally.


About Khazna Data Centers

Khazna Data Centers builds and orchestrates a comprehensive technology ecosystem for its customers through its wholesale commercial data centers that protect data, deliver reliable turnkey solutions, empower ICT strategies and enable digital transformation for organizations across the world. world-class thanks to highly secure, efficient, reliable systems and scalable installations. Khazna Data Centers offers users dedicated, fully-built data center space to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on businesses in the region today..

Ramon J. Espinoza