ISU PETASYS, Wins Large Number of MLB Orders for “On a Roll” Data Center Performance

Tendency to de-sinize US customers “reflexive advantage”
Delivers top global tech companies one after the other
Diversification of products such as products for AI servers “plays a role”
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After communication equipment, ISU Petasys received a large number of orders for high-level multilayer boards (MLBs) used in data centers, significantly improving the company’s performance. The company delivered steady performance thanks to customer diversification as well as the thoughtful benefit of the continued trend of de-sinization of US customers.

According to the industry, on the 24th, ISU Petasys is expected to record 182.6 billion won in sales and 34.9 billion won in operating profit in the third quarter of this year.

ISU Petasys is the world’s No. 1 company for high multilayer board (MLB) market share. A high multilayer board refers to a multilayer PCB in which multiple boards are stacked. It is a high added value product that electronically connects the layers forming fine patterns and holes. It is mainly installed in communication equipment semiconductors, servers, etc.
The main customers of ISU Petasys are mainly American IT companies. The recent performance growth of ISU Petasys is due to many large global technology companies starting to use ISU Petasys high MLBs. Korean companies benefited from the fact that American companies shunned Chinese and Taiwanese substrate companies due to the influence of the US-China conflict.

The product lines are also diversifying. Sales that were previously focused on telecom equipment-oriented products have expanded to servers, etc.

In the slower growth atmosphere of the overall market, ISU Petasys is expected to continue growing steadily for the time being. Market conditions are also favourable. As data traffic increased due to covid-19 and increased demand for remote communications, the demand for multilayer PCBs for wired and wireless telecommunication devices has steadily increased. As communications technology develops, the demand for a higher specified level of PCBs has also increased.

It is expected that even though investment in servers and communications equipment will decline due to the global economic downturn, ISU Petasys will drive growth through customer diversification.

It also actively expands production capacity. In the middle of this month, ISU Petasys officially announced a 41 billion won investment in new facilities. The company will make investments in its facilities to secure additional production capacity by the end of 2024.
The annual cumulative investment is estimated at 100 billion won, including plant investment in the second quarter of the year. ISU Petasys made the largest investment this year.

Maximum performance is also expected this year. It is expected to register 650 billion won and 118 billion won in annual sales on a consolidation basis this year.

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