India Smart Data Centers & Cloud Infra Summit 2022

India Smart Data Centers & Cloud Infra Summit 2022

India’s progress towards a true digital economy, backed by progressive government policies, is encouraging domestic and global data center operators to make huge investments in the country. The move to the cloud has led to increased investment in large-scale data centers, with investment in the global data center market expected to reach around $200 billion per year by 2025. India is also expected to participate in this growth with investments in the country expected to reach $5. billion per year by 2025.

But to meet this growing demand, India will need a huge investment in data centers and cloud infrastructure over the next three years. Demand is expected to increase further due to the impending rollout of 5G, growing use of IoT-enabled devices, data localization and cloud adoption. Businesses are looking to adopt cloud servers and the rise of cloud applications will make it imperative for businesses to have a reliable and secure IT infrastructure, where data can be stored and processed efficiently.

ASSOCHAM will organize an “INDIA SMART DATACENTRES & CLOUD SUMMIT 2022” series this year with the theme “Making India a Global Hub for Data Centers and Cloud Solutions” in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and UP. The Delhi edition is offered on Saturday, July 30, 2022.

The summit is expected to host data center and cloud professionals on a single platform, including C-suite executives from leading organizations across India and senior officials from central and state government, the ministry of electronics and information technology, CDAC, NITI Aayog, CIO, CTO, data center manager and IT infrastructure manager focusing on the future of data center and cloud business and many others.

Who should be present?


  • Chief Security Officers, CISOs, Chief Digital Officers

  • CIOs, VPs of IT/Technology, Head of Infrastructure and Operations

  • Data Center Manager/Leader – IT Data Center Administrator, DevOps Leaders, Director Level IT/Operations/Infrastructure

  • Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, Head of Cloud Business

  • Data and Analytics Managers, Digital Transformation/Innovation Managers and Cloud Computing Experts

  • Senior Application Managers

For further details, please contact:

Event Name: India Smart Data Centers & Cloud Infra Summit 2022
Date: July 30, 2022


Address: 4th Floor, YMCA Cultural Center and Library,
01 Jai Singh Road, New Delhi – 110001
Mobile: 9910613815
E-mail: [email protected]

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