HIQA Releases Updated Catalog of Health and Human Services Data Collections

Work in progress for the creation of an EU-wide data sharing platform


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The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has launched a completely revised and updated catalog of national health and social care data collections in Ireland.

National data collections bring together health and social care information and are essential to provide a national overview of an identified health or social care issue or service in Ireland. HIQA’s catalog presents an overview of the large volume of data currently collected by national health and social care data collections in Ireland in one accessible place.

The catalog includes 128 national data collections that collect health or social care information in Ireland, including 24 newly identified collections since the previous release in 2017. This includes several new national data collections that have been established in response to the Covid-19 pandemic such as CoVAX – the National Covid-19 Immunization System and the Covid-19 Data Research Hub.


Barbara Foley, Health Information Quality Manager at HIQA, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of high quality data and information to improve public health. Access to and use of good quality information leads to safe and reliable health and social care. It is therefore essential that health information is accessible, promoted and used if we are to achieve a high standard of health care in Ireland.

“The release of this updated version of the catalog acts as a key resource by providing information on currently available health data. It highlights the changes seen in the healthcare landscape over the past five years, with a number of new collections established since the previous version to collect and track trends around Covid-19. We hope it will be used by a range of stakeholders, including health professionals, service users, researchers, policy makers, service users and members of the general public.

Advances in the health information landscape are taking place at both national and European level, which will have an impact on health information collections. Work is currently underway to create an EU-wide data-sharing platform known as the European Health Data Area, while the Department of Health is developing a plan health information law. HIQA believes that these advances provide an opportunity to shape and improve the health and social services information system.

Foley continued: “The delivery of health and social care services in Ireland needs to be underpinned by a robust approach to data collection, analysis and management. With the growing number of data collections, people need to be confident that their information is collected, used and shared securely, and that the data collected is of good quality. As outlined in HIQA’s recently published article on key considerations to inform policy for the collection, use and sharing of health and social care information in Ireland, there needs to be national coordination of these sources of existing data in accordance with international best practices.

The catalog is available in a downloadable version and in an interactive online version here

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