Apixio’s new Apicare ChartSpace™, a healthcare data management solution, gives payers and providers access to real-time charts and insights to support value-based care

Apicare ChartSpace centralizes health data, improves the safety and efficiency of data sharing between departments and external partners, and powers Apixio’s AI-powered value-based care platform

SAN MATEO, Calif., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Apixioa leading AI platform that powers value-based care, today announced the launch of Apicare ChartSpace™, a healthcare data management solution that provides real-time data access to centralized medical records, expedited retrieval of records and audit files, and enables actionable insights to surface in care programs based on the value.

For many healthcare organizations, patient record data is stored in complex data warehouses scattered across multiple departments and locations. Consequently, card acquisition and management are cumbersome, redundant and costly processes. In addition, the number of duplicate requests and the lack of sharing between different departments to suppliers (from risk adjustment, quality and utilization management teams, for example) leads to administrative waste.

ChartSpace solves these problems by providing each department with real-time access to patient records for review and analysis, reducing record request wait times from weeks to seconds, eliminating the IT load and the high administrative costs of pursuing duplicate records. By consolidating and enabling centralized access to graph data, this solution enables healthcare data enterprise departments to easily leverage Apixio’s AI-powered data analytics solutions to access the set of patient datasets needed for their analysis.

“ChartSpace unleashes information buried in charts to identify opportunities to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes,” said Apixio’s CEO. Sachin Patel said. “ChartSpace eliminates resource-intensive barriers by bringing all your charts together into a comprehensive solution that integrates into existing workflows. Apixio, ChartSpace powers our industry-leading analytics solutions that reveal actionable insights.”

With Apixio’s Apicare ChartSpace, organizations can:

  • Centralize storage in major patient record formats (PDF, images, HTML, CCDA, FHIR®).
  • Enable real-time access to chart data with the ability to search, filter, view and download charts directly.
  • Provide advanced information from previously known diagnostic trouble codes.
  • Have faster access to charts and HCCs for auditing purposes (RADV and IPM).
  • Securely share data with external partners and vendors that support various value-based care programs.
  • Streamline the deployment of Apixio’s suite of AI solutions for risk adjustment, quality and more.

Apixio will exhibit at RISE West 2022, August 31September 2, 2022and presenting a training session, Chart acquisition and management strategy. The session will take place on friday september 2at 12:45 PM PST.

Apicare ChartSpace is part of Apixio’s award-winning AI-powered healthcare analytics solutions designed to help payers and providers accelerate the transition to value-based care. To learn more, visit www.apixio.com/apicare-chartspace/.

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