Analyze data management trends in Latin America

In this Let’s Talk Data podcast, economic acceleration analyst Pablo Moreno welcomes Quest Software Data Empowerment Director LATAM Richard Rule for a discussion of data management trends specific to Latin America and key challenges preventing faster cloud adoption.

Strong points

00:01 — Pablo introduces guest Richard Rule, who details his role in information and systems management at LATAM and Quest Software.

02:04 — Rule explains the challenge of moving enterprises from legacy software to new cloud infrastructure. He reports that cloud and multi-cloud environments already encompass 82-86% of industries globally, with Latin countries starting late (between 45-50%).

04:48 — Adequate cybersecurity measures are the biggest barrier to faster cloud adoption.

06:30 — Pablo digs deeper into multi-cloud security and how it compares to data held on-premises. Rule insists that the cloud is still hardware, requiring security within each cloud provider’s systems. Data in the cloud is “as safe and as dangerous” as on a personal computer.

08:33 — Private data is vulnerable anyway. People are often amazed at how long it takes for a cyberattack to happen; it can take years for malicious actors to gather pieces of sensitive intelligence.

10:01 — The rule emphasizes both external and internal protection. Robotics and advanced biometrics are the future; he suggests that Latin America is “backward”.

11:31 — Businesses need to protect and understand their own data.

12:24 — The pandemic has transformed cloud industries with a “data explosion.” The speed of adoption has not kept up with the necessary security measures.

14:00 — Cloud adoption in Latin America is growing at an exponential rate, despite its challenges.

Ramon J. Espinoza