2022 Draft Agricultural Data Management Policy Released

Posted: Date Posted – 7:38 PM, Thu – Jul 7, 22

Hyderabad: The state government has released the Draft Agricultural Data Management Policy (ADMP)-2022, which aims to ensure effective agricultural data management for the development of the agricultural sector besides protecting the rights of farmers.

Emerging Technologies, in association with the World Economic Forum, released the draft comprehensive policy and solicited suggestions and opinions from various stakeholders by August 6 in a prescribed format.

The state government, in an effort to boost the agricultural sector, is developing irrigation infrastructure and subsidizing farmers’ inputs. In addition to these measures, the state government intends to promote digital agriculture through extensive use of technologies such as AI, machine learning, drones, satellite imagery to increase production and profitability. farmers.

The idea is to deploy new technologies to transform all segments of the agricultural value chain. In this regard, data management, including aspects relating to agricultural operations, production and general services, is an essential resource for the successful deployment of new technologies.

For this initiative, it was necessary to create a policy conducive to the systematic collection, processing, sharing and use of agricultural data to support a wide range of use cases in the agricultural sector, with an emphasis on the protection of farmers’ rights.

Currently, such a policy does not exist. Public and private organizations may create data in silos and be reluctant to share it with other entities. In view of these factors, the government has seen fit to streamline and codify the processes, responsibilities, standards and practices relating to the management of agricultural data for the benefit of farmers and other stakeholders.

Ramon J. Espinoza